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Run RSpec and Cucumber suites by default.

- Previously we only ran RSpec, yet we have a reasonably sized Cucumber suite that could get overlooked by contributors.
- Our file suggests the default rake task runs our full test suite, this change helps reinforce that idea.
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1 parent 6859159 commit 3d99aa650b7d945c2524dc6918fa17993ef0da49 @ecnalyr ecnalyr committed Dec 7, 2016
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@@ -6,14 +6,13 @@ require "rspec/core/rake_task"
desc "Run all the tests in spec"
-desc "Default: run tests"
-task default: :spec
using_git = File.exist?(File.expand_path('../.git/', __FILE__))
require "cucumber/rake/task"
+desc "Default: run tests"
+task default: [:spec, :cucumber]
def ensure_relish_doc_symlinked(filename)
from_filename = filename.dup

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