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failure with recording S3 uploads through carrierwave #198

nclark opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Neal Clark Myron Marston
Neal Clark

this issue is a follow up to the email thread here.

demo repository here.

it works when "hooking into" webmock & excon, but not when "hooking into" webmock by itself. you can see the difference by reverting the last commit. you will need a config/settings.yml with:

  aws_access_key_id: [your aws access key id]
  aws_secret_access_key: [your aws secret access key]
  asset_bucket: [your test bucket]

i'm not sure where the issue is, vcr, webmock, or elsewhere. but changing

  VCR.configure do |c|
    # ...
    c.hook_into :webmock


  VCR.configure do |c|
    c.hook_into :excon, :webmock

gets the test passing.

Myron Marston

@nclark -- thanks for putting in the effort to come up with a demo of your problem!

@Jacobkg -- do you want to take a stab at investigating this?

Myron Marston

I found a bug in WebMock that was causing the problem. I have a PR open that fixes it:


This makes the spec in your example app pass if your factory uses If your factory uses, then I get the invalid byte sequence in UTF-8 error, but looking at the backtrace, I see that VCR isn't involved at all. In fact, that error happens in activesupport--the string returned by is tagged as UTF-8 (due to the fact that your default external encoding is UTF-8), and when you use some_binary_string_tagged_as_utf_8 =~ //, that's the error you get.

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