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M5Stack PM2.5 Sensor app
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M5Stack PM Panic

Cartoon animation application with M5Stack PM2.5 sensor kit.




In Rwanda, 98% of rural residents still use primitive open fire stoves (so-called three-stone stoves) and wood and charcoal are used as the main fuels. Household air pollution (HAP) of over 1 mg/m3 was observed in the kitchen of a typical home in Rwanda. HAP is invisible and does not have any acute effects. It is thus difficult for people to be aware of the risks. Because of low literacy rates in rural Africa, there are limitations in educating people about the risks using posters and publications. Therefore, to enhance risk awareness through gamification with local children, this PM2.5 Sensor was implemented not merely as a detector but as an interactive-type game. Because many of the children in Rwanda are able to go to school, this game can be integrated as part of an extracurricular activity so that children can become aware of the risks from a young age and raise awareness within their communities. It can also be helpful tool in discussions of risks between public health nurses and households as well as in changing behaviors, based on the measured data.

How to play

  • Button A : Switch boy and girl.
  • Button B : Switching PM2.5 levels. (Sensor value/51/101/151/201/301 AQI)
  • Button C : Switch between animation and detailed sensor value screen.
  • Power ON while pressing Button C : Toggle sound mute.

Dependent libraries

Production Team

石垣 陽 / Yo Ishigaki (Director)
飯田千里 / Senri Iida (Animation Designer)
兵藤嘉彦 / Yoshihiko Hyodo (Programmer)

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