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Terraform Lambda + API Gateway demonstration of a CRUD application
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Terraform CRUD Demonstration

Terraform AWS Lambda + API Gateway demonstration of a CRUD application


This project is a demonstration for a way to build your Terraform Modules so that they can become reusable across projects. This way also allows for simple migrations to a module provider such as Git or S3.

This demonstration deploys the following on AWS:

  • One DynamoDB table;
  • One Lambda function and one layer;
  • One role to go with the Lambda function;
  • One API Gateway with two resources and a total of six methods;

This is a very, very simple CRUD -Create Read Update Delete- application that does not provide basic features because it is meant as a demonstration.


There was no intention of following the best practices in terms of AWS resource management or Terraform provisioning. Comments are limited out of the meaningful section of this code and the explanation can be found in the following blog post.

The shortcuts taken with this example code MUST be wisely considered before applying them to your code base. In no way they are industry standards. Always read the Official Terraform documentation in the version you are currently using before proceeding.

Some issues may persist in this infrastructure. For instance, it is not possible de deprovision this infrastructure due to a cycle that has not been identified yet.

This configuration has been tested with Terraform 0.12.9 and Terraform 0.12.10 on a MacOS computer and has preventively been locked to "~> 0.12.9".

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