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Cut and resync text subtitle files according to Trims in an existing Avisynth script
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TrimSubs - Cut and resync text subtitle files according to Trims in an existing Avisynth script



This Python script parses a specified Avisynth script for a line with uncommented Trims, and cuts an input text subtitle file accordingly so the subtitles match the trimmed video.

There are three ways of specifying the line of the avs used:

  • Parse the avs from top to bottom (default) or vice versa, and use the first line with Trims found.
  • Use a line with a specific comment at the end, e.g Trim(0,99)++Trim(200,499) # cuts It can be combined with a parsing order.
  • Directly specifying the Trims line number, starting with 1.

A frame rate or timecode file (v1 or v2) is required, except for MicroDVD subtitles. The FPS can be either a float value or a fraction. If the timebase is not specified, the avs directory is searched for a timecode file. If a timecode can't be found then a default FPS value is used instead.

If the path of the input subtitle file is not supplied in the input parameter, the avs directory is searched for a subtitle file with the same name as the Avisynth script. If not given, the path of the output subtitle is derived from the input file.

An encoding for the input file can be specified. It should only be necesary if it's neither a Unicode encoding nor the system's locale encoding. List of available encodings.

A new trimmed timecode v2 file can be generated optionally. If a path is not given, then is derived from the input timecode or the avs script.

Supported subtitle formats: ASS, SSA, SRT, SUB (MicroDVD).

Command line options

usage: script.avs
                   [-h [{full}]] [-V] [-v] [-r] [-l LABEL] [-g LINE] [-f FPS]
                   [-t [OTC]] [-i [INPUT]] [-c ENCODING] [-o OUTPUT]

Info arguments:
  -h [{full}], --help [{full}]
                        Show this help message and exit. Add 'full' to include
                        also the documentation and license
  -V, --version         Show program's version number and exit

Required arguments:
  script.avs            Avisynth script containing Trims

Optional arguments:
  (--input or --otc parameter is required)

  -v, --verbose         Show detailed info
  -r, --reversed        Parse the avs from bottom to top
  -l LABEL, --label LABEL
                        Use the Trims from the line in the avs that ends in a
                        commentary with LABEL
  -g LINE, --line LINE  Use the Trims from the line nº LINE
  -f FPS, --fps FPS     Frame rate or timecode file (v1 or v2). If omitted,
                        search for a timecode file or default to 24000/1001
  -t [OTC], --otc [OTC]
                        Output a new timecode file. Path optional
  -i [INPUT], --input [INPUT]
                        Input subtitle file. If INPUT is not specified, search
                        for a valid input file
  -c ENCODING, --encoding ENCODING
                        Input subtitle file encoding
  -o OUTPUT, --output OUTPUT
                        Custom path for the output subtitle file


  0.1 [2011-12-30]: initial release
  0.2 [2012-01-29]: added --line parameter 
                    support for negative second member of the Trim pair


Doom9 Forum thread:

PySubs homepage:

Python homepage:

Check out

AvsP macro available at

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