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Never load a full page over and over again.
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Never load a full page on every request again.

Getting Started

Download the production version or the development version.

Include it in your web pages(1.3kb minified and gzipped):

<script src="joconut.min.js"></script> <!-- you must include jQuery before that -->

That's it! Now, all your local links will not cause page refresh. Remote links will work as expected.


You can listen to some events Joconut can emit using on method:

$.joconut.on('error', function(){ // fires on timeout, page without <body>, invalid requests
    alert('Error while loading new page!');

$.joconut.on('new', function(){ // Page changed
    alert('New page!');

$.joconut.on('beforeNew', function(){ // page will be loaded now
    alert('Before loading new page');

$.joconut.on('afterNew', function(){ // page was just loaded
    alert('After loading new page');


You can force Joconut to replace only part of the page by specifying selector of that part:

$.joconut.container = '#container'; // default is 'body'


  • Lightweight(1.3kb minified and gzipped)
  • Detects and loads scripts and stylesheets from fetched pages, if they do not exist in the current one
  • HTML5 History API support with fallback to location.hash
  • Can replace only specific part of the page

How is it different from the existing PJAX plugin?

  1. 1.3kb minified and gzipped
  2. Auto-detects and loads JS and CSS from fetched pages, if needed
  3. No need to set up or configure

Browser support

Joconut can work in browsers, which support HTML5 History API or hashchange event. For the list of supported browsers check out these links: pushstate and hashchange


You should have node to be installed. cd test && npm i connect route66 && node server.js. Navigate to http://localhost:3000 after that and play.


Copyright (c) 2012 Vadim Demedes
Licensed under the MIT license.

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