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ES6 generator-based MongoDB ODM for Node.js. It rocks.
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Awesome ES6 generator-based MongoDB ODM for Node.js v0.11.x (or newer) and io.js. Just take a look on its pretty models and beautiful API. Uses monk under the hood.


  • Based on ES6 generators, which means no callbacks
  • Common, established API you've already used to
  • Hooks (before:save, around:create, after:remove, etc)
  • Very simple and easy-to-understand implementation
  • Fully covered by tests


npm install mongorito --save

Warning: You should have Node.js v0.11.x or io.js installed (or newer). Run node with --harmony option (not applicable to io.js):

node --harmony script.js

Note: In order for the following examples to work, you need use something like co to run generators. Another note: If you want to use ES6 classes (like in the following examples), use babel. If not, there is an alternative API left from previous versions of Mongorito.


var Mongorito = require('mongorito');
var Model = Mongorito.Model;

// connect to localhost/blog

// define model
class Post extends Model {


// create new Post document
var post = new Post({
    title: 'Node.js with --harmony rocks!',
    body: 'Long post body',
    author: {
        name: 'John Doe'

// create

// update document
post.set('title', 'Post got a new title!');
post.set('', 'Doe John');

// update

// find some posts
var posts;

// find posts where body equals "Long post body"
posts = yield Post.where('body', 'Long post body').find();

// find posts where author's name equals "John Doe"
posts = yield Post.where('', 'John Doe').find();

// Bonus: find posts where title starts with "Node"
posts = yield Post.where('title', /^node/i).find();

// disconnect

Getting Started

Check out Getting Started guide on


Circle CI

To execute tests run:

npm test


Mongorito is released under the MIT License.

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