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vdemeester’s .emacs.d (DEPRECATED)

This repository is deprecated and won’t be updated anymore. It now lives on the ~home~ repository (on Gitlab)

My emacs setup is tested to work only with emacs 26.1 and newer versions. If you are on older versions, I would recommend that you upgrade to the latest available stable version.

Warning: this repository is being /transformed/ a bit: slowly migrating to literate programming ( and most likely moving into =home= at some point

Few notes

  • This works best in NixOS, coupled with my =home= repository (especially with my emacs.nix file).
  • Almost all setup files have setup done as per my personal tastes and needs.
  • If you want to change the default theme, font size, etc, you would want to edit setup-files/setup-style.el

Key points

  • Use of my minor mode vde-mode to enable my custom key-bindings. Doing so allows me to force override my bindings in all major and minor modes. If I ever need to try out the default emacs bindings, I can simply disable vde-mode by doing M-x vde-mode. It is enabled globally by default.
  • Use of use-package in load all packages for faster load times.
  • Use of bind-keys allows me to review my custom bindings in a single buffer by doing M-x describe-personal-keybindings.
  • Certain packages will be loaded only if you have the associated applications installed.


Use at your own risk, but I am definitely looking forward to suggestions, corrections.



🐲 Personal emacs configuration (DEPRECATED)





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