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The technique is described at


to start the pomodoro you issue M-x pomodoro.

In the modeline you will see indicator W1-25. This means that you are working on set 1 and that you have 25 minutes remaining. You'll also get notification.

The counter will decrease each minutes. When it reaches 0 you will get notification that it's time to take a break.

The modeline will display B1-5, that is you have a break of 5 minutes. When the count reaches 0 you will get another notification to get back to work and the set number will increase.

At the end of the 4th set you will get a long break.

The modeline will display LB instead of B.

Calling M-x pomodoro again will reset it to the first working set.

When you don't need the pomodoro anymore you do M-x pomodoro-stop. Pomodoro will finish it's work.

If you got interrupted and you want to rewind the pomodoro on the current set just do M-x pomodoro-rewind.

To skip forward to the start of the next set do M-x pomodoro-skip-forward.

Calling M-x pomodoro-status will show you notification about current pomodoro state, time left and set number.


For status change notifications working you need:

  • Libnotify installed
  • D-Bus session running
  • notifications.el (included in GNU Emacs since 24.1)

To activate pomodoro.el simply put it in your load path. For example if you put the file is in the directory ~/tmp you need to do the following:

(add-to-list 'load-path "~/tmp")
(require 'pomodoro)

Alternatively, if you use el-get (highly recommended), use this recipe:

(:name pomodoro
       :type github
       :pkgname "vderyagin/pomodoro.el"
       :post-init (setq pomodoro-icon
                        (expand-file-name "pomodoro/pomodoro_technique.png" el-get-dir)))


You can customize this mode with the following variables:

pomodoro-work-duration - duration (in minutes) of work

pomodoro-short-break-duration - duration (in minutes) of short break

pomodoro-long-break-duration - duration (in minutes) of long break

pomodoro-set-number - number of sets until a long break

pomodoro-icon - icon for use in notifications


Report bugs on bugtracker.