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added hooks to run on start of work/pause

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1 parent 6381913 commit 11cf6dcbfc5dd9527f408176a5eb8a6353aba861 @vderyagin committed Jan 29, 2013
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@@ -36,6 +36,9 @@
(defvar pomodoro-state-change-hook '(pomodoro-status))
(defvar pomodoro-update-hook '(pomodoro-update-modeline))
+(defvar pomodoro-work-start-hook nil "Hooks run on beginning of each work set.")
+(defvar pomodoro-pause-start-hook nil "Hooks run on beginning of each pause.")
(defvar pomodoro-display-string "")
(defvar pomodoro-current-set nil "Current set number.")
(defvar pomodoro-minutes-left nil "Minutes left to state change.")
@@ -95,13 +98,13 @@
pomodoro-current-state 'long-break)
(setq pomodoro-minutes-left pomodoro-short-break-duration
pomodoro-current-state 'short-break))
- (run-hooks 'pomodoro-state-change-hook))
+ (run-hooks 'pomodoro-state-change-hook 'pomodoro-pause-start-hook))
(defun pomodoro-start-work ()
"Start work."
(setq pomodoro-minutes-left pomodoro-work-duration
pomodoro-current-state 'work)
- (run-hooks 'pomodoro-state-change-hook))
+ (run-hooks 'pomodoro-state-change-hook 'pomodo-work-start-hook))
(defun pomodoro-next-set ()
"Move on to the next set, start from the beginning if current set is the last in the cycle."

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