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Emacs extension to make executable script out of current buffer contents
Emacs Lisp
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Scriptify makes it extremely easy to go from text in buffer to runnable script.

M-x scriptify does the following:

  • insert shebang in the beginning of the buffer (if it is not already there)
  • chop off extension (if any) of file
  • move file to special directory for scripts (optional)
  • set executable bit on


If you use el-get, use this recipe:

(:name scriptify
       :type github
       :pkgname "vderyagin/scriptify")


M-x customize-group RET scriptify RET

  • scriptify-scripts-directory variable contains path to directory you want to put scripts in, presumably it should be in PATH enviroment variable. Set scriptify-scripts-directory to nil in order not to move files anywhere.

  • scriptify-shebang-alist variable is an alist that contains mapping from major-mode symbols to shebang strings (or string-returning functions).

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