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These are the slides "sources" for my Java2Days presentation. It is created using the S5 Reloaded. One of the advantages of S5 Reloaded to S5 is that not only fonts, but images are scaled properly, which makes your slides work with most resolutions seamlessly.


  1. Generate using mm2rst_s5. You can do this in FreeMind by clicking File > Export > Using XSLT..., then choose mm2rst.xslt as the XSL file and scala.rst as the export file.
  2. Run rst2s5 --theme-url=ui/java2days_gfx scala.rst | ./rm_px.sed > scala.html. The S5 Reloaded JavaScript is a bit picky about the image format and so the html needs some massaging first. It needs to have a height and width image attributes instead of style attributes, and the size dimensions must not be in px units but without any units. The rm_px.sed script will do the conversion.