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# YZ
+## Simple collection
For demostration features of the YZ we will use some examples. First example is
collection with string values. Let's define this collection something like this
(we use [Clojure] ( language):
@@ -245,20 +246,22 @@ Notes:
* result of calling another function
-### Joining
+## More complex model
So far we test simple flat collection. Let's consider more complex model
(we choose classic example about university):
<img src="" alt="UML class diagram for university model"/>
-We implement it (see source code [here](
+We implement it (see source code [here](
and create some [example] (
which is represented on figure below in UML object diagram notation:
<img src=""
alt="Example of university model in UML object diagram notation"/>
In order to use this university model and next queries you can follow
-[this] ( instruction.
+[this] ( instruction.
+### Joining
So let's start. In order to select linked objects you should use brackets. For example, if you want to
get all courses and its faculty you should query:
@@ -274,12 +277,12 @@ This query returns the following result:
Note that so far we work with flat collection and get result as flat rows. But now
you can get a hierarchical result:
- [[#<Course Algebra>
- [[#<Faculty Marry> []]]
- #<Course Geometry>
- [[#<Faculty David> []]]
- #<Course Russian>
- [[#<Faculty Brian> []]]
- #<Course German>
- [[#<Faculty Brian> []]]]],
+ [[#<Course Algebra>
+ [[#<Faculty Marry> []]]
+ #<Course Geometry>
+ [[#<Faculty David> []]]
+ #<Course Russian>
+ [[#<Faculty Brian> []]]
+ #<Course German>
+ [[#<Faculty Brian> []]]]],

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