Node.js CLI application for testing REST services
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unREST is Node.js CLI application for testing REST services. It provides command line interface for most common operations involved in testing REST services, such as invoking endpoints, viewing and processing output, creating custom configuration for most commonly used operations etc.

Why another REST client?

There are a lot of nice looking GUI clients with a lot of useful features, so why would I use some weird command line utility? This sounds like a legitimate question. After all, GUIs are much prettier and easy to work with.

To answer this question, only two words: scripting and automation. unREST allows you to create custom configurations and workflows to streamline common tasks involved intesting your services. For examples, you can parametrize service invocations, extract and process output, parametrize request content and much more. Please read on for samples of application usage.


npm install unrestjs

For documentation, please visit the wiki.