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Releases: vdm-io/Joomla-Component-Builder

The Public Pro Version

09 Jul 19:55
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We merge the pro version of JCB into the Public version.

All releases from here on forward will only be tags. So open the tags to see the latest release.

JCB Package Import Fix

02 Jun 12:12
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  • Fixed the JCB package import url inclusion limitation.

Native MVC

27 May 04:51
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  • Moved the MVC to extend the CMS MVC via namespace.
  • Moved to JHtml loading the CSS and JS files found in the media folder of the component.
  • Fixed linking issue, improved the new helpers to not hard code the component name to them.
  • Fixed #884 so we will have correct pagination in admin area J3.
  • Improved the import of powers JCB-pro.

Mostly bug fixes (new helper classes for JCB)

04 Apr 16:42
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Summary of Changes

  • Adds new helper classes.
  • Moved more helper methods out to the utility classes.
  • Added the underscore back to the plugin language prefix
  • Adds new utilities abstract classes as helper methods.
  • Moves the helper class autoloader above the class.
  • Adds option to override the settings.json file.
  • Improve help to allow the help url to be global in all the views.
  • Fixed the zip wrapper to include .htaccess files for library folders.
  • Improve help to allow the help url to be global in the view.
  • Fixed the layout display listing in other template and layouts.
  • Fix option to add field paths or rule paths to both module or plugin external forms.
  • Adds option to add more field paths or rule paths to both module or plugin forms.
  • Change the short hand echo to long, because of JED checker.
  • Adds better options with custom get.
  • Improved the auto checkin method.
  • Adds the option to overide the assignment in item dynamic custom gets.

Fix Database IF NOT EXISTS issue for older databases and updated marked.js (vulnerability)

21 Jan 12:21
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  • Updates marked JS package.
  • Adds more events to the compiler.
  • Fix gh-841 database issue (IF NOT EXISTS).
  • Update Agerix banner link.
  • Adds more clone options.

Various improvements and a few bug fixes

21 Dec 15:05
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  • Adds gitea URL.
  • Adds option to add changelog gh-813.
  • Adds clone option to some areas.
  • Fixed gh-784 to allow BASE64 filter selection.
  • Initial steps towards the J4 legacy edition.
  • Added search by translated string to the translation area.
  • Improved the ajax controller.
  • Adds arguments (display) to the class method list view
  • Added the option to import JCB packages with GUID mapping.
  • Resolved gh-657 to allow for painless fieldtype change in the field area.
  • Add JSON Check and decode before checking if it is an array.

Upgrade of UIkit and phpseclib, with some bug fixes.

15 Jun 00:03
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  • Updates the phpseclib library.
  • Upgrade of UIkit v2 & v3
  • Fixed gh-749 to allow numbers on language imports.
  • Fixed gh-748 so that tags are able to be added to the list admin view.
  • Makes the adding of tags dynamic based on tag field in the view.
  • Fixed JCB package export to catch layouts in admin view custom code areas.
  • (TLWebdesign-staging) Update b_Structure.php
  • Typo fixes
  • Added more info towards naming conventions.
  • Changed the access to compiler to be more accessible. gh-686
  • Added EditorConfig
  • Moves all JavaScript files that where placed in the model/form folder out of the admin area, into the media folder.

File and folder path fix for Joomla 3.9.25

11 Mar 03:04
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  • File and folder path fix for Joomla 3.9.25
  • Added the company name set in the GUI as the exported company value for excel.
  • Continued to add the namespace for the file and folder classes across the system. gh-682
  • Added the namespace for the file and folder classes to the compiler. gh-682
  • Adds the namespace to the compiler classes for the File, and Folder classes of Joomla.
  • Converted all files from dos to unix, as most servers are UNIX based anyway.
  • This fixes the line break mismatching issue mentioned in gh-638.

Bug fix for JCB in Joomla 3.9.25

05 Mar 01:48
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  • This fixes the compiler page, so that the install buttons of the extensions in the success message work again.

Better Compiler Animations...

22 Feb 12:53
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  • Adds the option to select between old and new gif animation in the compiler GUI area.
  • Changed the compiler gif image, and improved the overall compiler GUI experience.
  • Added the feature for dynamic hashing of strings and or files.

How to make use the new Animations

To switch between animations you must open the global Options and go to the compiler tab, then you will see the following option:


This is where you can switch between the new and old animation options.

When you select the new 3D Particle Explorations option, you will see there is a new button in the compiler area at the top:


With this button you are able to download all the new animations to your Joomla installation in one go. This will speedup the loading of these new animations, the whole area can work, and does work without this, as it will then one by one randomly download these animations... but since there are 26 of them it can take a while before it no longer has to, so with this button the process is done once... and your ready to enjoy the new 3D Animations 👍