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@Llewellynvdm Llewellynvdm released this Mar 11, 2021

  • File and folder path fix for Joomla 3.9.25
  • Added the company name set in the GUI as the exported company value for excel.
  • Continued to add the namespace for the file and folder classes across the system. gh-682
  • Added the namespace for the file and folder classes to the compiler. gh-682
  • Adds the namespace to the compiler classes for the File, and Folder classes of Joomla.
  • Converted all files from dos to unix, as most servers are UNIX based anyway.
  • This fixes the line break mismatching issue mentioned in gh-638.
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@Llewellynvdm Llewellynvdm released this Mar 5, 2021

  • This fixes the compiler page, so that the install buttons of the extensions in the success message work again.
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@Llewellynvdm Llewellynvdm released this Feb 22, 2021

  • Adds the option to select between old and new gif animation in the compiler GUI area.
  • Changed the compiler gif image, and improved the overall compiler GUI experience.
  • Added the feature for dynamic hashing of strings and or files.

How to make use the new Animations

To switch between animations you must open the global Options and go to the compiler tab, then you will see the following option:


This is where you can switch between the new and old animation options.

When you select the new 3D Particle Explorations option, you will see there is a new button in the compiler area at the top:


With this button you are able to download all the new animations to your Joomla installation in one go. This will speedup the loading of these new animations, the whole area can work, and does work without this, as it will then one by one randomly download these animations... but since there are 26 of them it can take a while before it no longer has to, so with this button the process is done once... and your ready to enjoy the new 3D Animations 👍

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@Llewellynvdm Llewellynvdm released this Feb 3, 2021

  • Reordered some helper class code in the GUI.
  • Fixed gh-663 so that the label is used in the filter instead of the code_name.
  • Renames field to Modeling Method in the field area.
  • Added new filters to admin, and custom admin, and site list view. gh-651
  • Improved how the filters in the language translation are behave when no language is found. gh-651
  • Added new filters to language translation, and fields admin list view. resolved gh-651
  • Removes the custom component field from JCB.
  • Made some filters to be multiple selection in site & component list view.
  • Adds the combo field more correctly to JCB.
  • Resolves gh-644 and adds the option to add, or hide the category sub-menu of a view.
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@Llewellynvdm Llewellynvdm released this Jan 4, 2021

  • Fixed gh-637 so that the header values will be added.
  • Updated the copyright to only show the first year so we need not update these again.
  • Improved the layout compiler methods.
  • Added the trash helper option to JCB as a pro feature.
  • Added more header options and renamed the header method in the compiler.
  • Improved the compiler message area.
  • Fixed gh-626 to ensure that language strings that are already uppercase do not get added, even if it has a number.
  • Fixed gh-630 by moving the templatestyle field type to the plain field group.
  • Improved the permissions adding behaviour so that no permissions tab will be added if no permissions are set in a view. gh-629
  • Fixed gh-629 to add a hidden title field when a view does not have a title field.
  • Updated the forum details
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@Llewellynvdm Llewellynvdm released this Dec 12, 2020

  • Added more compiler messages to give info on how the assets table fix works if needed.
  • Added the new Intelligent fix to the assets table rules column (the new default).
  • This will add the fix only if needed, and removes it only if no longer needed, with messages that tell the end-user what it has done. Resolves gh-616
  • Fixed the filter array checking in the getStoredId method for categories as well.
  • Fixed the filter array checking in the getStoredId method.
  • Fixed gh-620 issue to set the correct sql xml closing tag.
  • Added the GUI switch to control the adding of the asset table fix. gh-616
  • Sets the code name of custom views before the model even, so it can be used in the event.
  • Fixed Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in ../html/libraries/cms/html/select.php on line 592 by adding empty select option.
  • Resolve gh-609 to make sure that custom code set in a field that gets linked to a module will get added to the module.
  • Removed legacy code from site views, that is no longer needed. Resolved gh-612
  • Added filters above the admin list views to resolve gh-378
  • Fixed the access filter in query.
  • Fixed the array to int helper use.
  • Added the correct language strings to category and access filters. gh-378
  • Added sql to the uninstall sql to remove changes made to the assets table on uninstall of a component. resolved gh-616
  • Fixed the file naming colution for the new filters. gh-378
  • Use the new select language string in filters.
  • Fixed gcategory column naming issue in array query.
  • Added the category code to the new filters area. gh-378
  • Update the direction default the descending.
  • Added getListViewDefaultOrdering method to compiler.
  • Moved getFieldDatabaseName to the get class of the compiler.
  • Updated the setFieldFilterListSet method.
  • Improved the filter query code to ignore empty values. gh-378
  • Moved the default static code of the admin list views to compiler. gh-378
  • Added the getCustomFieldCode, setFieldFilterSet, setFieldFilterListSet, setFilterFieldFile methods to the field compiler area.
  • Refactored few other methods and added setDefaultSidebarFilterHelper, setCategorySidebarFilterHelper, setBatchDisplayHelper, setDefaultBatchHelper, setCategoryBatchHelper methods in the integration area of the compiler.
  • Improved the header ser feature and added the setCategoryBatchHelper method. gh-378
  • Add getFieldsetXML and getFieldXMLString method to build fields in compiler gh-378.
  • Refactoring the compiler to use camelcase for view code names.
  • Refactored the setFilterFields and setStoredId in the compiler as still part of the new filter option improvement. gh-378
  • Updated the contribute area in README.
  • Added the multi filter query method, and adapted the setFilterQuery method for the new filter options. gh-378
  • Added the admin filter type switch to compiler gh-378.
  • Moved the name_single and name_list to the view->name_list and view->name_list_code in the compiler (refactoring).
  • Added the new field changes for the new filter implementation. gh-378
  • Fixed gh-609 so that JS and CSS from fields are added to module.
  • Also formatted the class with auto code reformat in phpstorm.
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Dec 12, 2020
Added more compiler messages to give info on how the assets table fix…
… works if needed.

@Llewellynvdm Llewellynvdm released this Oct 29, 2020

  • Added the needed changes to the core compiler to manage dynamic headers per/controller via pro-member-plugin. gh-548
  • Added the needed changes to the core compiler to manage dynamic headers per/model via pro-member-plugin. gh-548
  • Added more placeholder options for the pagination area in site views. gh-578
  • Resolved gh-600 so that the SQL set in the Admin view will exported with the JCB package.
  • Resolved gh-603 to make sure the code has HTML placeholder style, in round trip development.
  • Update the user updater helper method to all password change, since Joomla changed the user save method in the user class.
  • Resolved gh-596 so that the language strings needed for publishing failure is also added.
  • Added the database update scripts for the new changes.
  • Resolved gh-598 to allow empty prefix as default option.
  • Added the override option to the linked admin views.
  • Added the option to remove line breaks in all language strings.
  • Increased the field size to MEDIUMTEXT for the default input in joomla_module custom_admin_view and site_view.
  • (stutteringp0et-patch-5) Update e_Interpretation.php
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@Llewellynvdm Llewellynvdm released this Aug 13, 2020

With the last release v2.11.3 we move JCB to the more correct Joomla category implementation convention, but this broke the dashboard link to the categories, so this is the fix for this break.

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@Llewellynvdm Llewellynvdm released this Aug 8, 2020

  • Added the option to exclude language strings from JCB package exports.
  • Added the security policy.
  • Resolved gh-576 to allow empty filter options.
  • Improved the export feature to allow bulk custom override, and dynamic behavior towards larger sets.
  • Added function name to custom buttons as a class for CSS styling.
  • Removed the fallback for empty description on title field.
  • Improved the createUser method to allow custom method registerUser to create a user.
  • Fixed the empty not_required field issue.
  • Added option to dynamically set the sub-form layout from global options.
  • Fixed bug in compiler that caused index warning.
  • Fixed greateUser logic to use the admin and site creation modes in correct way.
  • Fixed language import issue that cause header mismatching.
  • Added the option to add header values to the custom-custom fields.
  • Fixed gh-570 to add the correct custom field placeholder type, which is PHP and not HTML.
  • Major improvement to user helper methods.
  • Fixed custom field building options to allow options to be set.
  • Fixed gh-569 to use correct paths in module custom fields and rules.
  • Improved the fancy date helper methods.
  • Added the new Text::_() language string search for language strings.
  • Add the option to add header custom code to custom fields.
  • Fixed gh-571 compiler path errors.
  • Updated paypal donation link in readme note.
  • Added notice to the compiler where it detects mismatching category view target names.
  • Added the update script for categories in JCB.
  • Made adjustments all across JCB to act according to gh-561 implementation.
  • Fixed gh-565 by removing the old PHPExcel_IOFactory and adding the new.
  • Updated the subform layout for various subforms in JCB for better display.
  • Change the helper category naming conventions for better integration with Joomla fields. gh-561
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