@Llewellynvdm Llewellynvdm released this Oct 7, 2018

Assets 3
  • Fixed gh-349 to insure dynamic joined and other tweaks are not added when custom code is selected as main source with a dynamicGet
  • We removed the Transition to InnoDB for all JCB tables and moved it to https://gist.github.com/Llewellynvdm/85234c6bd1e7d0eb4ddd6c925770aa2c for those who want to manually make the transition. gh-348
  • We also added a pre-flight script to remove all unused columns from JCB.
  • Improved the custom-custom field implementation, to allow duplicate fields to be use in sub-forms and in same form/view with the correct expected behavior of incremental naming, only if in same sub-form or form/view. gh-341
  • Further fix to the search of customcode placeholders across the system.
  • Added the option to random order the dynamic get result set. gh-348
  • Fixed the search for customcode placeholders across the system. gh-341
  • Changed the text field for Value/Example in the Fieldtype area to a textarea so we can add more code per/line. gh-341
  • Little fix to the field builder in the compiler
  • Resolved gh-345 by adding whole new mysql table selection options in the admin view, under the mySql tab. Fixed the folder & file loader.
  • Fixed the Update of custom files, so even the custom code and external code placeholders will work in external files.
  • Resolved gh-341 that adds the feature to expand the custom field option far beyond the default. Moved the menu prefix option in to the Joomla component area -> tab -> Settings to allow each component to override the global setting.
  • Added the [Run Expansion] button option for faster compile and install option of selected components.
  • Update the Uikit 3 lib. Fixed permission check in getEditUrl.

@Llewellynvdm Llewellynvdm released this Sep 19, 2018 · 14 commits to master since this release

Assets 3
  • Improved the getActions even more helper method.
  • Added ->params to custom views.
  • Fixed gh-340, to insure that if no selection is made, the default notice of Joomla comes-up and no submission is made
  • Improved the getActions helper Method, to insure created_by value gets loaded if not part of the item values, gh-335.
  • Fixed the permissions issue by adding the created_by to the query. gh-335
  • Fixed the import of JCB packages, that had an issue of not storing multiple list selection values correctly during import.
  • Made a little tweak to placeholders, to remove unneeded space.
  • Fixed gh-338 to insure that the custom buttons work on the site view page
  • Fixed gh-336 so that folders are created if they don't yet exist during the moving of custom files.
  • Made more changes to the Admin Fields Conditions area to insure that the correct behavior is applied to the required fields.
  • Removed the double forward slashes from the paths in the structure area of the compiler.
  • Update some comments.
  • Fixed some conditional implementation of the show hide fields area in the admin views.
  • Also removed the dot from the related functions in gh-334
  • Fixed gh-334 to insure that we always have a path/string in the default value.
  • Made other improvements in the compiler and the bcmath methods.
  • Moved the bcmath wrapper method to the helper class for all over use
  • Fixed some collusion issue in the dynamic get build process when custom query is used.
  • Fixed the issue found in the import of JCB packages that caused custom code to be imported in duplication.
  • Added the option to turn off (unpublish) custom code no longer in use.
  • Patch to fix the bug in the new custom_tabs area to insure the full list of tab names are loaded every time

@Llewellynvdm Llewellynvdm released this Aug 25, 2018 · 29 commits to master since this release

Assets 3
  • Added the option to add custom tabs to the edit view of any admin view
  • Added context to site and custom admin views to better target triggered events.
  • Added the rendering option in the admin edit view, so to expand forms via plugins.
  • Improved the codename build in site and custom admin view.
  • Added the feature to add custom Joomla fields to your components, requested in gh-247.
  • Added plugin events to the dynamic get area.
  • Added the script to remove field build in relation to component when component gets uninstalled.
  • Improved the getForm method in the model to allow the passing of options to the form.
  • Made further improvements to the implementation of the return parameter across the component redirecting behavior.
  • Made some changes to the list layout views using the field relations area.
  • Fixed missing language prefix to list header override option.
  • Adapted the custom buttons and layout in the components, admins and libraries views.
  • Fixed a bug in the JCB package import that missed custom code imports when code is changed inside the custom code.
  • Further improved the redirect option to use return and stack the return path to take the user back to the original area from where they clicked away.
  • Improved the redirect option to work even if the parent method returns false.
  • Resolved gh-330 by adding a full width class
  • Updated all the license statements of the templates to be the same as the rest of JCB.
  • Fixed the compiler to allow edit views be build even if no other site views are set.
  • Removed all the depreciated joomla jimport statements.
  • Update the getModel method in the controller.
  • Updated the getRedirectToItemAppend, cancel and save method in the controller to also use the return value if internal.
  • Added the addTablePath to the getTable method in the model to insure table is found when called from outside the in another component.
  • Updated the display method in the JViewLagacy class to also use the return value if not null.
  • Updated the component core to use JAccessExceptionNotallowed instead of JError::raiseWaring when user not have access to core.
  • Added a fix to prevent language strings colliding on compilation.
  • Added the option to use []+, in the custom code arg values. Added easy debug option for the setDynamicValues method in the compiler.
  • Fixed the editor issue in the fields view.
  • Added a new global helper method getFieldObject. Update the compiler area to make use of this new method.

@Llewellynvdm Llewellynvdm released this Jul 30, 2018 · 41 commits to master since this release

Assets 3
  • Fixed gh-325 that caused a security token validation error.
  • Fixed gh-324 that had a typo with the storing of the PHPx values.
  • Improved the safeString helper method
  • Improved the Admin Fields Relations area to allow more custom coding without the need of selecting Join Field/s.
  • Improved the dynamic get string fixing implementation to avoid conflict when the same field name is used in multiple joined tables requiring string fixing.
  • Fixed gh-322 to insure ID is always readonly even if override detected.
  • Added new feature to control access and view/hide control per/field.
  • Fixed gh-318 so that default and other none database fields will not trigger SQL update and version increment.
  • Fixed gh-317 that had conflict variable naming in the jsonToString helper method.
  • Improved the refresh method for JCB package area.

@Llewellynvdm Llewellynvdm released this Jul 10, 2018 · 46 commits to master since this release

Assets 3
  • Fixed issue that cause the WHMCS implementation to still not work (quick patch)
  • Added notice to the compiler when the WHMCS class could not be added to explain why.
  • Fixed the sql dump import issue that broke when import values not set correctly.
  • Made more corrections to the whmcs implementation.
  • Added the update server url to the xml update-server file
  • Fixed gh-315 to insure all the WHMCS features work as expected

@Llewellynvdm Llewellynvdm released this Jul 7, 2018 · 51 commits to master since this release

Assets 3

Set in Global Options (Select an Editor)

  • Added the table and field validation to avoid import breakages due to new table or fields not found in the older local install of JCB.
  • Added none as the fallback if an editor gets unpublished.
  • Fixed gh-312 that caused an error when creating a new component.
  • Fixed line spacing in getform method
  • Added a global editor switch for all editors in JCB, the default is none. gh-305
  • Added two new fields to the admin view to target the getform method in the model.
  • Added Joomla volunteers banner.
  • Fixed a syntax error in the custom admin view called get snippets.
  • Converting the textarea fields to editor fields, in the rest of JCB where code is being edited. gh-305
  • Added a validation rule to allow the submission of code in JCB
  • Converting the textarea fields to editor fields, starting in the admin view. gh-305
  • Fixed gh-303 to insure that the export data headers are set
  • Added the option to set headers in the email helper class
  • Improved the table detection in the mapping of the extrusion class when building table/fields from mysql dump
  • Removed field relations from sql dump since the views for those relations are not shipped with JCB
  • Fixed mismatch on field import of JCB packages
  • Fixed the dashboard JCB package import that did not update the ID in the Joomla Component Area
  • Fixed gh-301 to insure the sql dump of tables will build new fields and views using the new subform method
  • Mode some improvements to the new relation area.
  • Fixed the notice message regarding the linked fields.

@Llewellynvdm Llewellynvdm released this May 30, 2018 · 70 commits to master since this release

Assets 3
  • Resolved gh-287 that adds the feature to join/combine results of multiple fields in the admin list view.
  • Update the tab string to make tabs dynamic in nature.
  • Improved the compiler building of the admin list view
  • Refactored the compiler list view body builder, in preparation of the relation fields.
  • Added more options to the relation admin fields. gh-287
  • Refactored the compiler update file method
  • Updated compiler to allow dynamic update for language strings. Started adding the field relationship feature requested in gh-287

@Llewellynvdm Llewellynvdm released this May 18, 2018 · 77 commits to master since this release

Assets 3
  • Decoupling JCB even more from vdm.io in preparation of the launch of the joomlacomponentbuilder.com website
  • Fixed gh-285 the validation rule error, by removing the namespace
  • Fixed the email helper class to match the custom global field value.
  • Removed the spinner from export data option in the language translation area.
  • Fixed the dynamic dashboard to be able to check if the view was found in the component.
  • Updated the readme to reflect the new terms of gaining access to demo content.
  • Added the email field type to resolve gh-283.
  • Fixed the CSS inclusion error to resolve gh-278.
  • Added the option to add sql_uninstall dump value to a component.
  • Did some class formatting on the compiler.

@Llewellynvdm Llewellynvdm released this May 4, 2018 · 84 commits to master since this release

Assets 3
  • Added the option to Manage JCB Package Directories in the global Options area
  • Speed-up the import page of JCB packages, to via background ajax get package info and store it in local browser memory
  • Added the option to remove or add a custom prefix to the Joomla admin menu name of your component @cpaschen
  • Improved the table method generateAlias to only get added if there is an alias in the view
  • Fixed gh-272 by updating the table method generateAlias to also make use of the custom alias builder values.
  • Improve the method to detect that it is working with another component, and so tell the method to also look outside the current scope (component)
  • Further improved the JCB package manager, so to be more stable and give enough information about selected packages
  • Added the community JCB package import option.
  • Improved the jsonToString method to be more dynamic

@Llewellynvdm Llewellynvdm released this Apr 30, 2018 · 94 commits to master since this release

Assets 3
  • Fixed the subform to allow encryption of values without data lose.
  • Fixed admin_fields_conditions edit view to insure an array gets given to the count function
  • Added a switch to control the message display of the expand feature when cronjob runs
  • Added the feature that allows you to setup the behaviour of a selected set of components that will be auto build and installed. So you do not need to manually compile and install those components any more, the system does all that automatically for you. We have called the feature Expansion Development Method, and it can be set in the global settings of JCB under the Development Method tab.
  • Fixed the auto backup system, to allow JCB to be backed up automatically
  • Tweaked the field database area to insure that users are forced to set the database values
  • Fixed a strange mismatch issue with JCB package import with more then 10 components at a time. Also fixed the translation entranslation to source.
  • Improved JCB to now be able to have other languages then en-GB as its base/main/global language. This will allow you to build your components in a language of your choice.
  • Added edit links to templates and layouts.
  • Fixed the alias and title selection issue in admin fields area.
  • Added all available languages in Joomla to language area.
  • Added minify of JS to the compiler area, also improved the infusion area to make more use of the getCustomScriptBuilder method
  • Fixed the Add JavaScript (views-footer) option, since it did not add the javascript, but now does. Also added some spinner to the Joomla Components view.
  • Added the option to clone a Component and all its linked data, also to import a JCB package without merging with local Component
  • Keeping naming consistency resolved gh-265. Started adding the needed features for the new translation improvement gh-261
  • Added the php field properties to a textarea outside of the subform for easier editing