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Umeshwar Dayal et al.: The HiPAC project: combining active databases and timing constraints, 1988

  • Authors: Umeshwar Dayal, Barbara Blaustein, Alejandro Buchmann, Sharma Chakravarthy, Meichun Hsu, R. Ledin, Dennis R. McCarthy, Arnon Rosenthal, S. Sarin, M. J. Carey, Miron Livny, R. Jauhari

  • Reasons to read: origin of Event Condition Action (ECA) rules

    • Defines ECA rules – Event, Condition, Action

      • Event triggers rule, i.e. condition evaluation

      • Condition is set of queries

      • Action is executed when rule is triggered and condition is satisfied

    • Processing rules is strongly related to database transactions

    • Two couplings are defined: E-C and C-A

    • Event types: database operation, temporal, external notification

    • Funded by DARPA

  • Published: ACM SIGMOD Record - Special Issue on Real-Time Database Systems, Volume 17 Issue 1, March, 1988, Pages 51 - 70

  • Links: DOIResearchGate ┃ skb: src