Sketch plugin for changing text on several text layers at once
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Bunch text chcange sketch plugin

Here is a little plugin for changing several text layers at once.

Here is how it works:

  1. Select several layers
  2. Hit alt+cmd+k (you can change shortcut in System Preferences)
  3. Set new value and hit enter
  4. Done!


• If all selected layers already have same value you can edit it from a placeholder.

• If you select group plugin would change every text layer in it.

• The plugin makes no effect on symbols.

• If you like to prevent some layer in a group from changing value make sure its name starting with the minus (' - '). The plugin would ignore such layers both when calculating placeholder value and changing values.


How to install

Download and double-click on TextChanger.sketchplugin


Install via Runner


I hope you'll find it helpful, have a nice day!

v. 0.2

In Sketch 48 cmd+shift+k shortcut is assigned to Change Color Profile, so i've changed shortcut to alt+cmd+k. You still can rearrange shortcuts as you prefer in System Preferences