setup file for Karabiner Elements to remap arrow keys
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Setup file for Karabiner Elements to remap arrow keys

This is my setup file for the Karabinier elements for mac. Karabinier elements allows you to remap the keys on the keyboard, in this case to use the Caps Lock as a modifier, and duplicate arrows like this:


Also in setup file there is an option that allows you to disable the original arrows in order to quickly get used to using the new ones. More details about how this helpful in my blog post

Karabinier elements allows you to configure complex modifications with setup json files, which you need to put at:


Alternatively, after installing the Carabinieri Elements you can simply click on the link below, that will download my setup file to the correct directory, so you will only have to enable or disable the required key groups as desired:



Ups, seems like Github blocking special links, so I cant have it here. So you can:

  1. Come to my blog post and hit big button there

  2. Manualy copy arrows.json to folder ~/.config/karabiner/assets/complex_modifications on your mac

  3. Paste this link to Safari: karabiner://karabiner/assets/complex_modifications/import?url=

You can always make changes to the file in order to extend or change your setup.