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Charts for Go

Basic charts in go.

This package focuses more on autoscaling, error bars, and logarithmic plots than on beautifull or marketing ready charts.


Some nice charts

Chart Types

The following chart types are implemented:

  • Strip Charts
  • Scatter / Function-Plot Charts
  • Histograms
  • Bar and Categorical Bar Charts
  • Pie/Ring Charts
  • Boxplots

Some Features

  • Axis can be linear, logarithmical, categorical or time/date axis.
  • Autoscaling with lots of options
  • Fine control of tics and labels

Output / Graphic Formats

Package chart itself provideds the charts/plots itself, the charts/plots can be output to different graphic drivers. Currently

  • txtg: ASCII art charts
  • svgg: scalable vector graphics (via, and
  • imgg: Go image.RGBA (via and are implemented.

For a quick overview save as xbestof.{png,svg,txt} run

  $ example/example -best

A fuller overview can be generated by

  $ example/example -All


  • Style handling (especialy colour) is a bit of a mess .
  • Text based charts are cute. But the general graphics would be much easier without.
  • Time handling code dates back to pre Go1, it should be reworked.