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require 'rake'
require 'rake/testtask'
require 'rake/rdoctask'
require 'rake/gempackagetask'
#require 'rake/clean'
$: << 'lib'
require 'OSM'
task :default => :test
desc "Run the tests"
Rake::TestTask::new do |t|
t.test_files = FileList['test/test_*.rb']
t.verbose = true
desc 'Measures test coverage'
task :rcov do
rm_f "coverage"
system("rcov test/test_*rb")
desc "Generate the documentation"
Rake::RDocTask::new do |rdoc|
rdoc.rdoc_dir = 'rdoc/'
rdoc.title = "OSM Library Documentation - Base"
rdoc.options << '--line-numbers' << '--inline-source'
rdoc.rdoc_files = FileList['README.txt', 'examples/README.txt', 'lib/**/*.rb']
spec = Gem::Specification::new do |s|
s.platform = Gem::Platform::RUBY = 'osmlib-base'
s.version = OSM::VERSION
s.summary = 'Library for basic OpenStreetMap data handling'
s.description = <<EOF
Basic support for OpenStreetMap data model (Nodes, Ways, Relations and Tags). Parsing of OSM XML files. Access to OpenStreetMap API.
EOF = 'Serge Wroclawski' = ''
s.homepage = ''
s.rubyforge_project = 'osmlib'
s.require_path = 'lib'
s.test_files = FileList['test/test*.rb']
s.has_rdoc = true
s.extra_rdoc_files = ['README.txt', 'examples/README.txt']
s.files = FileList['lib/**/*.rb', 'LICENSE', 'rakefile.rb', 'examples/*'] + s.test_files + s.extra_rdoc_files
s.rdoc_options.concat ['--main', 'README.txt']
# commented out because this doesn't work when libxml-ruby is installed as a Debian package
desc "Package the library as a gem" do |pkg|
pkg.need_zip = true
pkg.need_tar = true