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program your stm8 devices with SWIM/stlinkv(1,2)
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This is a free and opensource software distributed under the terms of GNU General Public License v2.

It also seems to be the only program that's able to communicate through the SWIM interface of ST-LINKs under Linux as for March, 2014.


stm8flash -c <stlink|stlinkv2> -p <partname> [-s flash|eeprom|0x8000] [-r|-w|-v] <filename>

Flash samples:

./stm8flash -c stlink -p stm8s003 -w blinky.bin
./stm8flash -c stlink -p stm8s003 -w blinky.ihx
./stm8flash -c stlinkv2 -p stm8s003 -w blinky.ihx
./stm8flash -c stlink -p stm8s105 -w blinky.bin
./stm8flash -c stlinkv2 -p stm8l150 -w blinky.bin

EEPROM samples:

./stm8flash -c stlinkv2 -p stm8s003 -s eeprom -r ee.bin
./stm8flash -c stlinkv2 -p stm8s003 -s eeprom -w ee.bin
./stm8flash -c stlinkv2 -p stm8s003 -s eeprom -v ee.bin

Support table

  • ST-Link V1: flash/eeprom/opt
  • ST-Link V2: flash2/eeprom2/opt2
MCU flash eeprom opt flash2 eeprom2 opt2
stm8s003 ok FAIL ? ok ok ?
stm8s103 ? ? ? ? ? ?
stm8s105 ok FAIL ? ok ok ?
stm8s208 ? ? ? ? ? ?
stm8l150 ok FAIL ? ok ok ?
stm8l051f3 ok ? ? ? ? ?
stm8s005k6 ok ? ok ? ? ?


  • ok - full supported
  • no - not supported now
  • ? - not tested
  • fail - not work. Need fix
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