Java console progress bar
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Java library that gives you the ETA and displays a progress bar when you process a batch of data.


The available metrics are:

  • The progression percentage (the numeric value and a cool progress bar)
  • The processing speed
  • The ETA: when will the process be finished?


Clone this github repository, launch mvn clean install and add the following maven dependency to your project:



You can find a working example in the examples directory.

Basic usage

Source source = // Your source of elements (your DAO for example)

// The total number of elements you will process
long total = source.size();

// Init the printer
ETAPrinter printer = ETAPrinter.init(total);

while(source.hasNext()) {
  List<Element> elements = source.getNextBatch(); // Get the next batch of elements to process

  process(elements); // That is your business logic and it may take some time

  // We update the ETA by giving the number of elements that were processed since the last update

Advanced usage

There are a few options that you can choose when you initialize the printer:

  • ETAPrinter.init(long total)
  • ETAPrinter.init(String elementName, long total)
  • ETAPrinter.init(long total, OutputStream stream, boolean closeStream)
  • ETAPrinter.init(String elementName, long total, OutputStream stream, boolean closeStream)


  • total: total number of elements that are going to be processed
  • elementName: the name of the element
    If this parameter is given, the speed will be printed with the following format: 42 [elementName]/s. Else, it will be 42/s.
  • stream: the OutputStream where the ETA is printed
    Default value is System.out.
  • closeStream: if true, the stream will be closed when the process will end (the number of processed elements will be greater or equal to the total number of elements). Default is false.