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// Copyright (c) 2018 The VeChainThor developers
// Distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0 software license, see the accompanying
// file LICENSE or <>
pragma solidity 0.4.24;
/// @title Authority manages a candidates list of master nodes(block proposers).
contract Authority {
function executor() public view returns(address) {
return AuthorityNative(this).native_executor();
function add(address _nodeMaster, address _endorsor, bytes32 _identity) public {
require(_nodeMaster != 0, "builtin: invalid node master");
require(_endorsor != 0, "builtin: invalid endorsor");
require(_identity != 0, "builtin: invalid identity");
require(msg.sender == executor(), "builtin: executor required");
require(AuthorityNative(this).native_add(_nodeMaster, _endorsor, _identity), "builtin: already exists");
emit Candidate(_nodeMaster, "added");
function revoke(address _nodeMaster) public {
require(msg.sender == executor() || !AuthorityNative(this).native_isEndorsed(_nodeMaster), "builtin: requires executor, or node master out of endorsed");
require(AuthorityNative(this).native_revoke(_nodeMaster), "builtin: not listed");
emit Candidate(_nodeMaster, "revoked");
function get(address _nodeMaster) public view returns(bool listed, address endorsor, bytes32 identity, bool active) {
return AuthorityNative(this).native_get(_nodeMaster);
function first() public view returns(address) {
return AuthorityNative(this).native_first();
function next(address _nodeMaster) public view returns(address) {
return AuthorityNative(this).native_next(_nodeMaster);
event Candidate(address indexed nodeMaster, bytes32 action);
contract AuthorityNative {
function native_executor() public view returns(address);
function native_add(address nodeMaster, address endorsor, bytes32 identity) public returns(bool);
function native_revoke(address nodeMaster) public returns(bool);
function native_get(address nodeMaster) public view returns(bool, address, bytes32, bool);
function native_first() public view returns(address);
function native_next(address nodeMaster) public view returns(address);
function native_isEndorsed(address nodeMaster) public view returns(bool);