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// Copyright (c) 2018 The VeChainThor developers
// Distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0 software license, see the accompanying
// file LICENSE or <>
pragma solidity 0.4.24;
interface _protocol_subset {
function addUser(address _self, address _user) external;
function removeUser(address _self, address _user) external;
library _proto_helper {
_protocol_subset constant proto = _protocol_subset(uint160(bytes9("Prototype")));
function $addUser(address _self, address _user) internal {
proto.addUser(_self, _user);
function $removeUser(address _self, address _user) internal {
proto.removeUser(_self, _user);
/// @title Executor core component for on-chain governance.
contract Executor {
using _proto_helper for Executor;
struct proposal{
uint64 timeProposed; // when the proposal was raised
address proposer; // usually a voting contract address
uint8 quorum; // min approval count for execution
uint8 approvalCount; // current approval count
bool executed; // whether the proposal has been executed
// content of proposal: target contract address and call data
address target;
bytes data;
mapping(address => bool) approvals;
struct approver {
bytes32 identity;
bool inPower;
mapping(address => approver) public approvers;
uint8 public approverCount;
mapping(address => bool) public votingContracts;
mapping(bytes32 => proposal) public proposals;
function propose(address _target, bytes _data) public returns(bytes32) {
require(_target != 0, "builtin: invalid target");
require(approverCount > 0, "builtin: no approvers");
require(approvers[msg.sender].inPower || votingContracts[msg.sender], "builtin: approver or voting contract required");
bytes32 proposalID = keccak256(abi.encodePacked(uint64(now), msg.sender));
require(proposals[proposalID].timeProposed == 0, "builtin: duplicated proposal id");
proposals[proposalID] = proposal(
emit Proposal(proposalID, "proposed");
return proposalID;
function approve(bytes32 _proposalID) public {
require(proposals[_proposalID].timeProposed > 0, "builtin: proposal not found");
require(approvers[msg.sender].inPower, "builtin: approver required");
require(now - proposals[_proposalID].timeProposed < 1 weeks, "builtin: proposal expired");
require(!proposals[_proposalID].approvals[msg.sender], "builtin: proposal approved");
proposals[_proposalID].approvals[msg.sender] = true;
emit Proposal(_proposalID, "approved");
function execute(bytes32 _proposalID) public {
require(proposals[_proposalID].timeProposed > 0, "builtin: proposal not found");
require(!proposals[_proposalID].executed, "builtin: proposal executed");
require(now - proposals[_proposalID].timeProposed < 1 weeks, "builtin: proposal expired");
require(proposals[_proposalID].approvalCount >= proposals[_proposalID].quorum, "builtin: quorum unsatisfied");
proposals[_proposalID].executed = true; // set before call to prevent re-enter attack
require(proposals[_proposalID][_proposalID].data), "builtin: proposal execution reverted");
emit Proposal(_proposalID, "executed");
function addApprover(address _approver, bytes32 _identity) public {
require(_approver != 0, "builtin: invalid approver");
require(_identity != 0, "builtin: invalid identity");
require(approvers[_approver].identity == 0, "builtin: approver exists");
require(approverCount < 255, "builtin: too many approvers");
approvers[_approver] = approver(_identity, true);
emit Approver(_approver, "added");
function revokeApprover(address _approver) public {
require(approvers[_approver].inPower, "builtin: unknown or revoked approver");
approvers[_approver].inPower = false;
emit Approver(_approver, "revoked");
function attachVotingContract(address _contract) public {
require(_contract != 0, "builtin: invalid contract address");
require(!votingContracts[_contract], "builtin: voting contract already attached");
votingContracts[_contract] = true;
emit VotingContract(_contract, "attached");
function detachVotingContract(address _contract) public {
require(votingContracts[_contract], "builtin: voting contract not attached");
votingContracts[_contract] = false;
emit VotingContract(_contract, "detached");
function onlyThis() internal view {
require(msg.sender == address(this), "builtin: executor required");
function quorum(uint8 total) internal pure returns(uint8) {
return uint8((uint(total) + 1) * 2 / 3);
event Proposal(bytes32 indexed proposalID, bytes32 action);
event Approver(address indexed approver, bytes32 action);
event VotingContract(address indexed contractAddr, bytes32 action);