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@bartoszbosak bartoszbosak released this Sep 12, 2019

The release for VECMAtk released on M15

This release of the tool is created for M15 release of VECMA VVUQ Toolkit.

The tool has been updated to work with the recent releases of EasyVVUQ and QCG-PilotJob. Thanks to modifications introduced to EasyVVUQ (> v0.4) it was possible to abandon PJConfigurator class and fully relay on EasyVVUQ internal database, thus simplifying the internal logic and interface of EasyVVUQ-QCGPJ tool. In turn the upgrades introduced in QCG-PilotJob (v0.5), which significantly improved its scalability, allow to execute more demanding EasyVVUQ workflows without the risk of poor performance.

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