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@bartoszbosak bartoszbosak released this 14 Jan 17:06
· 7 commits to master since this release

This release introduces several improvements and changes aimed to enhance performance and usability of the tool, but there are also a few completely new functionalites provided.

New features:

  • Resume mechanism allowing to resurrect uncompleted executions
  • New schemes for submission of tasks employing iterative tasks of QGG-PilotJob
  • Added support for logging (logging level set in EQI Executor's constructor)
  • Extended documentation with sections about the resume mechanism and performance optimisation


  • Semantical corrections in API:
    • SubmitOrder -> ProcessingScheme
    • Run -> Sample (eg. RUN_ORIENTED -> SAMPLE_ORIENTED)
    • Phase -> Step (e.g. PHASE_ORIENTED -> STEP_ORIENTED)
  • Optimised way of submission tasks to QCG-PilotJob and finishing QCG-PilotJob Manager
  • Refactorisation of code and other minor improvements behind the scenes
  • Extended set of test cases
  • Ensured compatibility with the newest releases of QCG-PilotJob (v0.10) and EasyVVUQ (v0.8)