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a client-only layer of protection from the wiretap/sniff/IDS analysis

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SniffJoke: transparent TCP connection scrambler 0.4.1

SniffJoke is an application for Linux that handle transparently your TCP connection, delaying, modifyng and inject fake packets inside your transmission, make them almost impossible to be correctly readed by a passive wiretapping technology (IDS or sniffer)


cmake, gcc, iptables, tcpdump



How to compile/install

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
sudo -s
make install

and you could check the exactly installed file by

cat install_manifest.txt

Suggested setup, for configure your network capabilities

sniffjoke-autotest -l name_of_your_location 

since you have ran the "autotest" in this network location (office, home, lab, etc...) you will invoke sniffjoke with:

sniffjoke --location name_of_your_location
sniffjokectl --stat
sniffjokectl --start
sniffjokectl --help

Link and info

SniffJoke man page:

SniffJoke location requirement:

SniffJoke concepts, goals:

CONFIG FILES installed in the 'generic' location


CACHE and LOGs that should be generated in a location


CONFIG FILES generated as location specific by sniffjoke-autotest



Linux OS (>=2.6.19) with tun support;

wifi/eth as default gateway (no other interface supported).

Installed files

The service binary


The client, required to manage remotely the configuration of Sj


The "generic location" configuration, containing every default configuration files


SniffJoke plugins:




Sniffjoke Man pages


External service

Sniffjoke in autotesting required to contact, this is not striclty required and if an user want to perform himself the test, will install the "pe.php" script, present in this package here


and using the semi-secret options -s and -a in sniffjoke-autotest (you will avoid every contact w/ delirandom)

 Official sniffjoke page:

(old) academic researchs:

Hacker's old bread:

MacOSx 0.3 ports as kernel module:

Wireshark thread about Sj 0.3:

Italian music support Uochi Toki - Il ladro Uochi Toki - L'estetica

GPG public keys

X-2:~ X$ gpg --keyserver --recv-key C6765430
X-2:~ X$ gpg --fingerprint C6765430
pub   1024D/C6765430 2009-08-25 [expires: 2011-08-25]
      Key fingerprint = 341F 1A8C E2B4 F4F4 174D  7C21 B842 093D C676 5430
uid                  vecna <>
uid                  vecna <>
sub   3072g/E8157737 2009-08-25 [expires: 2011-08-25]

X-2:~ X$ gpg --keyserver --recv-key D9A950DE
X-2:~ X$ gpg --fingerprint D9A950DE
pub   1024D/D9A950DE 2009-05-10 [expires: 2014-05-09]
      Key fingerprint = C1ED 5C8F DB6A 1C74 A807  5695 91EC 9BB8 D9A9 50DE
uid                  Giovanni Pellerano <>
sub   4096g/50A7F150 2009-05-10 [expires: 2014-05-09]

X-2:~ X$ gpg --keyserver --recv-key 7D9E677D
X-2:~ X$ gpg --fingerprint 7D9E677D
pub   1024D/7D9E677D 2011-05-21
      Key fingerprint = F37C 2042 5052 27E2 2FD7  D511 947F 574B 7D9E 677D
uid                  SniffJoke project (
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