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With this Sketch plugin you can use Vectary right inside Sketch.
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Vectary for Sketch

Vectary plugin for Sketch is adding the missing third dimension to your 2D designs. Place your Sketch design into a predefined 3D mockup or your custom 3D element. Set your desired perspective in 3D and place the result into the scene with one click.

Plugin in action


  • Update mockups from Gallery with your custom design.
  • Load your custom 3D model from Vectary
  • Login to Vectary and access all your personal and team projects in one click

Download the latest version

Pro tip: If you want to have a replaceable texture in your own Vectary model in Sketch, name the object and its material as “_switchable” before generating the Viewer in Vectary.

Vectary 3D plugin is powered by Vectary - the easiest online 3D design tool and sharing platform made for 2D designers. Get into the 3D design, start for free on

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