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A task summary, plan, and burndown chart for building software together
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LICENSE Initial commit Feb 28, 2019

Summarise the status of a feature that is in development across multiple github projects: image

How it works

All the issues across all the projects are tagged with same label. What this label is isn't particularly important; right now we're using feature:feature-name.

The statuses roughly translate to the following search criteria:

  • Planned Work
    • Todo: is:issue is:open label:feature:feature-name label:feature no:assignee
    • WIP: is:issue is:open label:feature:feature-name label:feature and is assigned to somebody
    • Done: is:issue is:closed label:feature:feature-name label:feature
  • Bugs
    • P1: is:issue is:open label:feature:feature-name label:bug label:p1 no:assignee
    • P2: is:issue is:open label:feature:feature-name label:bug label:p2 no:assignee
    • P3: is:issue is:open label:feature:feature-name label:bug label:p3 no:assignee
    • WIP: is:issue is:open label:feature:feature-name label:bug and is assigned to somebody
    • Fixed: is:issue is:closed label:feature:feature-name label:bug
  • Other: is:issue label:feature:feature-name -label:feature -label:bug
  • Delivery: If all the issues in Planned Work -> Todo, Planned Work -> WIP, Bugs -> P1 and Bugs -> WIP are within dated milestones, show the latest delivery date associated with any of those milestones
  • % Complete: (Completed non-bug items + completed p1 bugs) / (Total non-bug items + total p1 bugs)
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