A glossy Matrix collaboration client for Android
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Riot-Android Jenkins Weblate Quality Gate Vulnerabilities Bugs

Riot is an Android Matrix client.

Get it on Google Play

Get it on F-Droid

Build instructions

This client is a standard android studio project.

If you want to compile it in command line with gradle, go to the project directory:

Debug mode:

./gradlew assembleDebug

Release mode:

./gradlew assembleRelease

And it should build the project (you need to have the right android SDKs)

Recompile the provided aar files until we have gradle

generate olm-sdk.aar

sh build_olm_lib.sh

generate matrix-sdk.aar

sh build_matrix_sdk_lib.sh

generate the other aar files

sh build_jitsi_libs.sh

compile the matrix SDK with the Riot-android project

sh set_debug_env.sh

Make your own flavour

Let says your application is named MyRiot : You have to create your own flavour.

Modify riot-android/vector/build.gradle

In "productFlavors" section, duplicate "app" group if you plan to use FCM or "appfdroid" if don't.

for example, with FCM, it would give

    appmyriot {
        applicationId "im.myriot"
        // use the version name
        versionCode rootProject.ext.versionCodeProp
        versionName rootProject.ext.versionNameProp
        buildConfigField "boolean", "ALLOW_FCM_USE", "true"
        buildConfigField "String", "SHORT_FLAVOR_DESCRIPTION", "\"F\""
        buildConfigField "String", "FLAVOR_DESCRIPTION", "\"FDroid\""
  • if you use FCM, duplicate appCompile at the end of this file and replace appCompile by appmyriotCompile.
  • if you don't, update the "if (!getGradle().getStartParameter().getTaskRequests().toString().contains("fdroid"))" to include your flavor.

Create your flavour directory

  • Copy riot-android/vector/src/app or appfroid if you use FCM or you don’t.
  • Rename it to appmyriot.
  • If you use FCM, you will need to generate your own google-services.json.

Customise your flavour

  • Open riot-android/vector/src/appmyriot/AndroidManifest.xml
  • Comment the provider section.
  • Change the application name to myRiot with "android:label="myRiot""
  • Any other field can be customised by adding the resources in this directory classpath.
  • Open Android studio, select your flavour.
  • Build and run the app : you made your first Riot app.

You will need to manage your own provider because "im.vector" is already used (look at VectorContentProvider to manage it).

Customise your application settings with a custom google play link

It is possible to set some default values to Riot with some extra parameters to the google play link.

  • Use the https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/collection/android/v4/campaigns URL generator (at the bottom)
  • Set "Campaign Content" with the extra parameters (e.g. is=http://my__is.org%26hs=http://my_hs.org). Please notice the usage of %26 to escape the &
  • Supported extra parameters:
    • is : identity server URL
    • hs : home server URL
  • Generate the customised link
  • The application may have to be installed from the Play Store website (and not from the Play Store application) for this feature to work properly.


  1. What is the minimum android version supported?

    the mininum SDK is 16 (android 4.1)

  2. Where the apk is generated?