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Pitchfork is a Set of C++ Project Conventions
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Pitchfork is a set of conventions for native C and C++ projects. The most prominent being the project layout conventions.

The layout specification document is available in data/

Why the Name Pitchfork?

The very first public unveiling, drafting, and discussion of these project conventions started with a Reddit thread entitled "Prepare thy Pitchforks". Until that point, I had not chosen any particular name for the conventions, but I felt "Pitchfork" was as apt a name as any.

The pf Tool

This repository also hosts a (currently experimental) tool that helps you create and work with Pitchfork-compliant projects.

This project is still very young and has a while to go before being a useful developer tool. Once ready, this README will be updated with proper user documentation.

The pf Library

The pf tool mentioned above is built upon the pf library, also hosted in this repository. This library can be used to query and manipulate Pitchfork-compliant projects.

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