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BrilliantRetail e-commerce version 1.X for ExpressionEngine 2.
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BrilliantRetail™ is a powerful e-commerce solution for the ExpressionEngine® content management system brought to you by the team at Vector Media Group. Leverage the power of the ExpressionEngine member management, security and template flexibility to create enterprise level stores.

Installation & Upgrades

BrilliantRetail™ is an ExpressionEngine add-on package which contains a field type, extension and module. The installation process is straight forward and documented in the BrilliantRetail™ documentsion:

Release Notes

The full release notes are available in the documents.

Developer Documentation & User Guide

BrilliantRetail™ contains a sample store built on the Zurb Foundation responsive css framework.


The ExpressionEngine community is very active and helpful. Please post any help questions you may have and make sure to tag them with BrilliantRetail™. The Vector Media Group team will try to help when we can!


As of version 1.8 BrilliantRetail is now available under the The Open Software License 3.0 (OSL-3.0).

More information is available here:

The Open Software License 3.0 (OSL-3.0)


  • ExpressionEngine® is a Registered Trademark of EllisLab, Inc. - All Rights Reserved
  • BrilliantRetail™ is a Trademark of Vector Media Group - All Rights Reserved