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The official OpenEmbedded/Yocto BSP layer for the VectorFabrics Pareon compiler.

The meta-pareon layer depends on:

URI: git://
layers: meta
branch: dizzy

Please follow the recommended setup procedures of your OE distribution. For Angstrom that is, other distros should have similar online resources.


Add this layer to your layerstack the way you usually do, this differs between projects using OpenEmbedded. The steps should include updating conf/bblayers.conf. Please refer to the documenation of your project for the exact steps.

To (re)build recipes with the Pareon compiler, add the following to your conf/local.conf:

TOOLCHAIN_pn-<recipe> = "pareon-verify"

Alternatively, run the generator script. The script accepts multiple recipe names:

user@ubuntu-vm:/OE/sources/meta-pareon$ ./scripts/ helloworld bash
TOOLCHAIN_pn-helloworld = "pareon-verify"
TOOLCHAIN_pn-bash = "pareon-verify"

Copy/paste the output into conf/local.conf.

Available toolchains

  • pareon-verify
  • pareon-profile
  • pareon-verify-with-fallback
  • pareon-profile-with-fallback

The last two toolchains fallback to GCC for any specific file that fails to compile with vfcc.

Packages that do not work with Pareon

Several packages are known to refuse instrumentation. They are listed in the file

Analyzing programs on the target

Use the wrapper script to setup the necessary environment variables when analyzing programs on the target. program_name arguments

For Pareon Profile, use program_name arguments

Using a different version of Pareon

You may also specify the Pareon version through the PAREON_VERSION variable, like so:


This will use the compiler and libraries from the /opt/vectorfabrics/pareon-2.26/ folder.

By default meta-pareon will use the latest Pareon installed.


Lessandro Mariano

Klaas van Gend