An extendable server for hosting your personal data with streaming media, users, permissions, syncing, etc.
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VectorNAS - A home cloud/nas server

The idea behind this was to make a modular server you could run on a home computer for hosting media and other files. Basically I got tired of the existence of a myriad of services that all do a little of what I want but not everything and they cost money.

For example, Dropbox is awesome. But I have a server at home with many terrabytes of storage that I'd like to have the same type of interface to. I don't want to have my files maybe in dropbox, maybe in my real backup solution, etc.

Another example is Google Music. I use that too and it's great but has some really stupid limitations, such as limited number of downloads, bad (and slow) UI for getting things out of it, etc. I have a music library on that same server at home, and I'd like to have a nice web based streaming interface to it just for me (or if I feel like it, to share something with friends). And for the same reasons as above, I'd like to consider this server my "canonical" copy of my music collection.

Same thing for movies, photos, etc.

I thought all these little services would be not too hard to make, and if I make the software modular it could all be handled by plugins.

The current version of VectorNAS is just a quick and dirty outline of what I'm going for. I wouldn't recommend using it for anything yet, although the music player and file browser work.

TODO: Installation / setup instructions