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Vectra API Tools is set of resources that is designed to save time and repetitive work by providing a python library that simplifies interaction with the Vectra API, scripts that can be run from the command-line, and additional resources that can help with the Vectra API. It was built to be a project to allow not only Vectra, but the Vectra community to contribute to the success of its customers.

The current repository is broken down into the following:

  • modules - this directory contains the modules associated with the VAT library
  • scripts - collection of scripts to interact with the Vectra api. These scripts can be used as-is or as a reference on how to leverage the VAT library
  • tests - collection of tests that can be used to validate the VAT library
  • Vectra_APIv1.postman_collection is a Postman collection for the Vectra API. It has all of the current endpoints and and associated parameters for each endpoint


Current version

Apache 2

pip install vectra_api_tools

python install

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