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Baxter-like robotic arm that can be trained with human hands and a button press.
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Trainable_Arm.ino Added LED flash and constrain servo values

Trainable Robotic Arm Created by Robert Svec November 2013

This Arduino based project uses a robotic arm and gripper with the Adafruit analog feedback servos to provide a robotic arm easy training with a button press and moving the arm with your hands from position to position.

YouTube video showing this sketch in action:

Adafruit Micro Analog Feedback Servo Plastic Gears:

Adafruit Micro Analog Feedback Servo Metal Gears:

Adafruit Standard Analog Feedback Servo:

Thingiverse Micro Robot Arm by bentommye:

Thingiverse Gripper for Micro Robot Arm by aw160:

More projects from me at:

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