Elm web app to help me learn elm and guitar at the same time
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A web app for helping learn (elm)[http://elm-lang.org] and guitar better.

The Elm Bit

Please note that this is the first thing I have written in elm. Therefore, there are likely to be anti-patterns, non-optimal ways of doing things, etc. So don't use this project as any "best practice" example please! That said, it runs and doesn't look too shabby.

The Guitar Bit

This project is designed around the book A Guide to Chords, Scales, & Arpeggios by Al Di Meola and Bob Aslanian. The chord shapes and names are from the study guide laid out in the text. It's a great book (although it is a bit overwhelming at first) and I'm learning a lot from it!

Features / TODO:

Things that are done:

  • Code to draw chord diagrams
  • Ability to pick a chord shape and form and see it
  • Flashcard mode: pick a form and it will cycle through all the shapes, showing the name for n seconds, then flip to show the diagram.
  • Made the UI better on my phone.

Things I want to do:

  • Add all forms up through X
  • Add arpeggio display. Pick a key, it will show you the notes of the arpeggios.