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jQuery Feedback Me Plugin


This jQuery plug-in allows user to easily add an animatable UI widget with a feedback form which slides from the side of the screen.


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  • Using CSS3 Transition for sliding out the feedback widget (jquery used as a fallback for older browsers)
  • Multiple feedbacks on page (different locations)
  • Growl alike and super customizable dialog response for success/fail feedback sending
  • Highly customizable notification response for success/fail feedback sending
  • Bootstrap support
  • jQuery UI themes support
  • 4 different possible locations to place the widget
  • Using AJAX post to send data to server ('name', 'message' and 'email' parameters will be send to your servlet/php file etc...)
  • Ability to send additional custom params to server (csrf token / logged in user_name / etc`)
  • Ability to embed any external html file inside the feedback_me widget for maximum customization
  • Ability to embed inline html code inside the feedback_me widget for more customizations
  • RTL support (except in 0.5.2 version)
  • All labels are customizable
  • Customizable placeholder (HTML5) for all input fields
  • Optional required attribute (HTML5) for all input fields with homegrown validation
  • Optional asterisk next to label of required input fields
  • Optional pattern attribute (HTML5) for name input field with homegrown validation


Clean example

Clean complex example

jQuery UI theme aware example

Bootstrap example

External IFrame Example

Custom Html Example

Multiple Feedbacks Example


	fm_options = {
		jQueryUI : true,
		position : "left-bottom",
		name_placeholder:"Name please",						
		trigger_label : "Click me",
		message_required : true,
		show_asterisk_for_required : true,
		feedback_url : "send_feedback"


All available parameters + default settings (detailed explanation inside jquery.feedback_me.js) :

var default_options = {
	feedback_url : "",
	position : "left-top",
	jQueryUI : false,
	bootstrap : false,
	show_email : false,
	show_radio_button_list : false,
	close_on_click_outisde: true,
	name_label : "Name",
	email_label : "Email",
	message_label : "Message",
	radio_button_list_labels : ["1", "2", "3", "4", "5"],
	radio_button_list_title : "How would you rate my site?",
	name_placeholder : "",
	email_placeholder : "",
	message_placeholder : "",
	name_required : false,
	email_required : false,
	message_required : false,
	radio_button_list_required : false,
	show_asterisk_for_required : false,
	submit_label : "Send",
	title_label : "Feedback",
	trigger_label : "Feedback",
	custom_params : {},
	iframe_url : undefined,
	show_form: true,
	custom_html: "",
	delayed_close : true,
	delayed_options : {
		delay_success_milliseconds : 2000,
		delay_fail_milliseconds : 2000,
		sending : "Sending...",
		send_fail : "Sending failed.",
		send_success : "Feedack sent.",
		fail_color : undefined,
		success_color : undefined,
		custom_html_success: undefined,
		custom_html_fail: undefined


Copyright (c) 2015 Daniel Reznick, released under the MIT license