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This is the generator for


Contributions are welcome! Please create a pull request and contact the mailing list with a link to your pull - there are multiple admins who can merge it for you.


This site is generated using node.js, but no actual knowledge is required: Just edit/add files in the content directory.

These files are written in markdown with a little bit of frontmatter at the top to specify things like a title.

  1. Clone the repository
    git clone
  1. Install a node.js version and dependencies

The node.js version that comes with your distro is propably too old. nvm is the way to go:

    curl | bash
    cd veejayhq
    npm install
  1. Generate the site

After editing files in content render the site as following:

    cd veejayhq
    npm run build

The new HTML is now in public. To publish to run:

    cd veejayhq
    npm run publish

You may want to preview your work locally by starting the small built-in webserver:

    cd veejayhq
    npm start

Don't forget to commit your changes using git!

Publishing the site

This repository contains the generator, to actually publish the site, another repository is used to render the content into. Publishing the new site is just pushing it to GH.


Contributions are very welcome, especially the following:

  • improve documentation ( edit the markdown files for this! )
  • remove deprecated documentation ( remove files )
  • improve layout and templates ( see templates) for this.
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