Google Action that gives you reasons why Mister Rogers loves you. Edit this to make an action that tells someone special why you love them.
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Reasons Why I Love You

A small action for Google Home that tells you a few reasons why Mister Rogers loves you. Edit and deploy it yourself to make a custom action that tells someone special why you love them!

View the demo here.

Mister Rogers reasons screenshot

How to customize this for someone special

Get your accounts set up

  1. Sign up for a Glitch account to host your code
  2. Create a Google Cloud project to host your action. Remember the name you gave it.
  3. Sign up for a Dialogflow account to control the action logic

Steps to set up your Google Home Action

  1. 'Remix' this app on Glitch. (i.e. copy it to your account so you can edit it), and open the vars.js file. Change the variable person to be your name. Change the reasons to include your own reasons, as many as you'd like! Pay attention to the syntax and grammar here.
  2. Create a new 'agent' in Dialogflow, making sure to select the Google Cloud project you created earlier.
  3. Click on the gear icon next to the agent name to access settings. Click "Export and Import" and import the following zip file: assets/
  4. Edit the name, description, etc. in "General" settings.
  5. Click "Intents" in the left sidebar, and modify the "User says" inputs for "Give a Reason" and "Give a Reason - more" (accessible via the arrow next to "Give a Reason") to include messages you want the user to be able to say to hear a reason.
  6. Click "Integrations" and make sure "Web Demo" is active. A popup box will show you a link. Copy the long string of characters after, and replace the projectID variable in vars.js with it. It should follow a similar format to the existing id.
  7. Click "Fulfillment" in the left sidebar and update the url to include the link to your Remixed project created in step 4. That's the url in the tab that opens when you click 'Show' from your Glitch project page. It will have the format

Your agent should now be working!

  1. Let's test!
  • Type an example command in the right sidebar of Dialogflow to see if you get the responses you expect.
  • You can also check if it works from the "Integrations" page by clicking on "Google Assistant" and then clicking "Test" at the bottom of the popup.
  • This is also a good time to check your project's 'Show' page to see if the embedded action works. Note that the rest of the page will still be Mister Rogers-themed unless you change the htmlOutput variable in vars.js.
  • Finally, preview the action using the Google Home web simulator. Access it from the left sidebar of your Actions on Google project page.
  1. If all of that worked, you have a working action! Now, you have three options:
  • Modify and share your Glitch project demo page and use that as your online reason-giver
  • Submit your project for review to be published. You'll find some files in the assets and docs folders that may help with required fields. Regarding the required privacy policy, the strategy that worked for me (learned the hard way) is to personalize and copy/paste the text in privacy-policy.pdf into the Google Doc given in Google's instructions.
  • Set up "infinite testing" so you can use your action privately and indefinitely! This is a bit of a process, though...