Creating Markov chain-generated Hacker News headlines with Python
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Markov Chain Hacker News Headline Generator

Creating Markov chain-generated Hacker News headlines with Python. Based on generator code from here.

  1. Pull data from the HN API using

  2. Run

  3. Profit.

    The Future of Jobs Is Likely Wrong Show HN: iBurn 2015 – Open Source Legal Docs – Save Money and Better Understand the Docs New data uncovers the surprising predictability of Android (just released our alpha) Comcast gave politician identity of a seed funded company? How Nvidia Is Unlocking the Potential of GPU-Powered Deep Learning How Google could rig the 2016 Election The Ashley Madison Dump Includes Source Code, CEO Emails Daniel Ek and Minecraft creator Notch debate Spotify privacy policy wants access to your photos Amazon joins in on killing Flash, stops accepting Flash based ads next week Jim Tcl – A hardened fork of Android lock patterns Gopher images for the web designer’s toolbox A simple implementation of the programming language SPITBOL Create Your Own Git UI for Mac with GitUpKit Show HN: Caman – A general purpose COW filesystem Ad Blockers and the Bees Were Not Enough: Aristotle’s Masterpiece Create Your Own Urban Tribe Tweets take flight in the Labor Market [pdf]