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Contribution guidelines

Keep in mind that the list is very mature by now, so the bar of getting something accepted is high. Only submit something unique and generally useful.

  • If you just created something, wait at least 30 days before submitting to give it some time to mature and ensure it's not just a publish-and-forget type of project
  • Actively maintained:
    • Regular, recent commits
    • Or, for finished projects, issues and pull requests are responded to
  • Ensure your work follows general quality rules (look at Writing Shards tutorial if this is a Crystal shard)
  • Your shard must have periodical (e.g. daily or weekly) builds set up on a publicly accessible CI against latest stable Crystal (nightly is optional)

List quality rules

  • List items are sorted alphabetically
  • Descriptions are clear and concise. For example, excessive information like "... for Crystal programming language" is omitted, because it is implied
  • No duplicates
  • No unnecessary empty lines and trailing spaces

Most of this rules are guaranteed by automatic specs (crystal spec). Be sure specs pass before creating a PR.

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