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Anka GitLab Runner

Official Anka GitLab Runner Usage Guide

For a list of compatible versions between GitLab and GitLab Runner, see the compatibility section.

This is a stripped down and modified version of the official gitlab-runner (version 13.11-stable).

Anka GitLab Runner Registration Example

Official GitLab Runner Documentation

./anka-gitlab-runner-darwin-amd64 register --non-interactive \
--url "http://anka.gitlab:8093" \
--registration-token 48EZAzxiF92TsqAVmkph \
--ssh-host host.docker.internal \
--ssh-user anka \
--ssh-password admin \
--name "localhost shared runner" \
--anka-controller-address "https://anka.controller:8090/" \
--anka-template-uuid d09f2a1a-e621-463d-8dfd-8ce9ba9f4160 \
--anka-tag v1 \
--executor anka \
--anka-controller-instance-name "triggered by shared runner" \ # Defaults to "Anka Gitlab Runner Name: localhost shared runner" in Controller Instances Name column
--anka-controller-external-id "" \           # Defaults to full job URL. Example: http://anka.gitlab:8093/root/gitlab-examples/-/jobs/28
--anka-root-ca-path /Users/hostUser/anka-ca-crt.pem \
--anka-cert-path /Users/hostUser/anka-gitlab-crt.pem \
--anka-key-path /Users/hostUser/anka-gitlab-key.pem \
--clone-url "http://anka.gitlab:8093" \
--tag-list "localhost-shared,localhost,iOS"

Example gitlab-ci.yml

    - localhost-shared
  stage: test
    # Only use these variables to override the defaults you set when you register the runner.
    ANKA_TEMPLATE_UUID: "c0847bc9-5d2d-4dbc-ba6a-240f7ff08032"
    ANKA_TAG_NAME: "base"
    ANKA_NODE_GROUP: "larger-vm-pool"
    # ANKA_CONTROLLER_INSTANCE_NAME: "" # Defaults to "Anka Gitlab Runner Name: localhost shared runner" in Controller Instances Name column
    # ANKA_CONTROLLER_EXTERNAL_ID: "" # Defaults to full job URL. Example: http://anka.gitlab:8093/root/gitlab-examples/-/jobs/28
    - hostname
    - echo "Echo from inside of the VM!"

Development Setup and Details

brew install xz
go get
make deps
export PATH="$PATH:$HOME/go/bin" # To load in gox

# Build a single binary for testing
make runner-bin-host

# Build all binaries for linux and darwin (make sure docker daemon experimental = true)
make runner-and-helper-bin-host

Test your changes manually with anka-gitlab-runner --debug --log-level debug run:

Try our scripts to run Gitlab locally inside of a docker container

export GITLAB_HOSTNAME="localhost";
export GITLAB_DOCKER_CONTAINER_NAME="anka.gitlab";
export GITLAB_PORT="8093";
export GITLAB_ROOT_PASSWORD="rootpassword";
export GITLAB_EXAMPLE_PROJECT_NAME="gitlab-examples";
export GITLAB_ACCESS_TOKEN="token-string-here123";
export GITLAB_EXAMPLE_PROJECT_ID=$(curl -s --request GET -H "PRIVATE-TOKEN: $GITLAB_ACCESS_TOKEN" "http://$GITLAB_HOSTNAME:$GITLAB_PORT/api/v4/projects" | jq -r ".[] | select(.name==\"$GITLAB_EXAMPLE_PROJECT_NAME\") | .id");
export SHARED_REGISTRATION_TOKEN="$(docker exec -i $GITLAB_DOCKER_CONTAINER_NAME bash -c "gitlab-rails runner -e production \"puts Gitlab::CurrentSettings.current_application_settings.runners_registration_token\"")";
export PROJECT_REGISTRATION_TOKEN=$(docker exec -i $GITLAB_DOCKER_CONTAINER_NAME bash -c "gitlab-rails runner -e production \"puts Project.find_by_id($GITLAB_EXAMPLE_PROJECT_ID).runners_token\"");

The gitlab-rails will take a few minutes to do the query. Be patient.

./out/binaries/anka-gitlab-runner-darwin-amd64 stop; ./out/binaries/anka-gitlab-runner-darwin-amd64 unregister -n "localhost shared runner"; ./out/binaries/anka-gitlab-runner-darwin-amd64 unregister -n "localhost specific runner"; rm -f ./out/binaries/anka-gitlab-runner-darwin-amd64; make runner-bin-host && \
./out/binaries/anka-gitlab-runner-darwin-amd64 register --non-interactive \
--registration-token $SHARED_REGISTRATION_TOKEN \
--ssh-user anka \
--ssh-password admin \
--name "localhost shared runner" \
--anka-controller-address "http://anka.controller:8090/" \
--anka-template-uuid 5d1b40b9-7e68-4807-a290-c59c66e926b4	\
--anka-tag v1 \
--executor anka \
--anka-controller-instance-name "triggered by shared runner" \
--anka-controller-external-id "" \
--anka-controller-http-headers "{ \"HOST\": \"\", \"Content-Typee\": \"test\" }" \
--clone-url "http://$GITLAB_HOSTNAME:$GITLAB_PORT" \
--tag-list "localhost-shared,localhost,iOS" && \
./out/binaries/anka-gitlab-runner-darwin-amd64 register --non-interactive \
--registration-token $PROJECT_REGISTRATION_TOKEN \
--ssh-user anka \
--ssh-password admin \
--name "localhost specific runner" \
--anka-controller-address "http://anka.controller:8090/" \
--anka-template-uuid 5d1b40b9-7e68-4807-a290-c59c66e926b4	 \
--anka-tag v1 \
--executor anka \
--anka-controller-instance-name "triggered by project runner" \
--anka-controller-external-id "" \
--anka-controller-http-headers "{ \"HOST\": \"\", \"Content-Typee\": \"test\" }" \
--clone-url "http://$GITLAB_HOSTNAME:$GITLAB_PORT" \
--tag-list "localhost-specific,localhost,iOS" && \
./out/binaries/anka-gitlab-runner-darwin-amd64 stop && ./out/binaries/anka-gitlab-runner-darwin-amd64 --debug --log-level debug run

When adding new options/flags, add them to testRegisterCommandRun

Change Log

Changes we made from the offical gitlab-runner repo:

  • executors/anka
  • common/version.go
    • var NAME -> anka-gitlab-runner
    • prometheus Name -> anka_gitlab...
  • main.go:
    • Added anka executor import
    • Added Veertu as author and changed Usage
  • commands/exec.go:
    • Added anka executor import
  • network/trace.go + common/trace.go + common/network.go:
    • Added IsJobSuccessful function
  • common/config.go:
    • Added AnkaConfig struct
    • Added Anka and PreparationRetries to RunnerSettings struct
  • commands/config.go:
    • getDefaultConfigFile: config.toml -> anka-config.toml (allows multiple gitlab-runners on same host)
  • Makefile:
    • Modified NAME ENV in to be anka-gitlab-runner
    • Fixed PKG = so it doesn't try to use anka-gitlab-runner as the repo name
    • Removed platforms and archs we don't build for
  • commands/register.go:
    • Added several imports
    • We duplicated askSSHLogin, renamed it to askAnkaSSHLogin, then added it to the exectorFns so it prompts
    • Added askAnka
    • Updated the description for s.Name, Token, TagList to remove any confusion as to what they're for (they're for gitlab, not anka executor)
    • Changed Invalid executor specified message/Paniclns to include the executor name
  • commands/service_test.go
    • gitlab-runner -> anka-gitlab-runner
  • commands/service.go:
    • Updated defaultServiceName + defaultDescription with anka name
    • runServiceInstall Fatal message update: anka-gitlab-runner
    • Printing a message to RunServiceControl when a command is successful
  • commands/unregister.go:
    • Added a failure if you don't specify the runner to unregister
    • Disabled all-runners
  • commands/user_mode_warning.go:
    • gitlab-runner -> anka-gitlab-runner
  • common/build.go
    • Added Retries logic to support the new --preparation-retries option
  • common/const.go
    • PreparationRetries = 0
    • const PreparationRetries -> var
    • shortened TraceForceSendInterval for when users cancel jobs in the UI to 10s
    • Added {gitlab runner version}/{anka executor version}
  • ci/version
    • Modified echo to just show version
  • build-and* script for building, tagging, and pushing to veertu/ dockerhub