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System Dependencies

  • node
  • mongodb-server
  • redis

On OSX, this can be done with Homebrew as follows:

brew install npm
brew install mongodb
brew install redis

You'll also have to set a data directory for MongoDB, as described here. For example, on OSX or Linux, you can set up a data directory in the home directory as follows:

mkdir -p ~/data/db

Check out datamonkey-js

git clone

This requires an SSH key for GitHub, as described here.

Install development tools

npm install -g supervisor

Install package

cd ./datamonkey-js/
make install


cp ./config/setup.js.tpl ./config/setup.js

The settings within ./config/setup.js will have to be changed to reflect the local environment.


Start Redis


Start MongoDB (e.g. using the data directory in HOME)

mongod --dbpath ~/data/db

Start datamonkey.js

node server.js

Datamonkey should now be running at localhost:4002.