Visualization Recommendation Engine, powered by Vega-Lite Specification Language
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(Vis)Compass: Visualization Recommender.

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(Vis)Compass is a module for generating and ranking visualizations. Given user query, Compass produces ranked group of visualization described using Vega-Lite.

Compass is NO LONGER in an active development. Details about replacement project: CompassQL are coming soon.

Development Guide


This project depends on Vega-Lite as a formal model for visualization.

If you plan to make changes to these dependencies and observe the changes without publishing / copying compiled libraries all the time, use bower link and 'npm link'.

cd path/to/vega-lite
bower link
npm link

In the directory for compass, run

# optional: npm link datalib
npm link vega-lite
bower link vega-lite


You can run npm run build to compile Vega-Lite.

You can npm run watch to start a watcher task that automatically re-compiles and tests Compass when any .js file in test/ or src/ changes.

Note: These commands use Gulp internally; Therefore, you need to install gulp globally with

npm install -g gulp

to make them work.