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from __future__ import absolute_import
import json
import uuid
import copy
from IPython.display import display, publish_display_data
from . import utils
class VegaBase(object):
"""A custom Vega-Lite display object."""
JS_TEMPLATE = "static/vega.js"
render_type = '' # vega or vega-lite
def __init__(self, spec, data=None, opt=None):
"""Initialize the visualization object."""
spec = spec
self.opt = opt or {}
self.spec = self._prepare_spec(spec, data)
def _prepare_spec(self, spec, data):
return spec
def _generate_js(self, id, **kwds):
template = utils.get_content(self.JS_TEMPLATE)
payload = template.format(
spec=json.dumps(self.spec, **kwds),
opt=json.dumps(self.opt, **kwds),
return payload
def _repr_mimebundle_(self, include=None, exclude=None):
"""Display the visualization in the Jupyter notebook."""
id = uuid.uuid4()
return (
{'application/javascript': self._generate_js(id)},
{'jupyter-vega': '#{0}'.format(id)},
def display(self):
"""Render the visualization."""