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@kanitw kanitw released this Dec 7, 2019 · 108 commits to master since this release

New Features (and Examples)




Visual Encodings




  • add "fit-x" and "fit-y" for autosize (#5224) -- Thanks @willium

  • add band property for position field def (#5206) (b4dd9ac)

  • make timeUnit for bar/rect behaves more like bin (#5096)

  • support axis/legend labelExpr

Syntax Improvement

Visual Encodings & Configs

  • other BREAKING CHANGES in config:
    • replace config.invalidValues with mark.invalid for mark definition and config (#5084)

    • remove config.stack, which is unnecessary

    • remove, which are unnecessary

Style Change

  • Improve time unit formats - Thanks @haldenl

    • BREAKING CHANGE: remove support for shortTimeLabel in axis/legend as we now use short format by default
  • change default 1D bar size without scale to 18 (#5082)

  • Make axes appear below marks by default

  • Make geoshape with graticule data source unfilled (stroked) by default

More details: v3.4.0...v4.0.0

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