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Vega Themes

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Themes for stylized Vega and Vega-Lite visualizations. For Vega version 3+ and Vega-Lite 2+.

A Vega theme is a configuration object with default settings for a variety of visual properties such as colors, typefaces, line widths and spacing. This module exports a set of named themes, which can be passed as input to the Vega or Vega-Lite with Vega-Embed or directly as a configuration object to the Vega parser.

Try Vega-Themes in our Observable Demo.

Vega Themes comes with Vega-Embed:

vegaEmbed(el, spec, {theme: 'quartz'});

If you want to use a different version, pass the theme as a configuration:

vegaEmbed(el, spec, {config: vegaThemes.quartz});

Once instantiated, a visualization theme can not be changed. Instead, the input specification must be re-parsed with a new theme.

Included Themes

# vega.themes.excel <>

Chart theme modeled after Microsoft Excel. Try it here.

# vega.themes.ggplot2 <>

Chart theme modeled after ggplot2. Try it here.

# vega.themes.quartz <>

Chart theme modeled after Quartz. Try it here.

# vega.themes.vox <>

Chart theme modeled after Vox. Try it here.

# vega.themes.fivethirtyeight <>

Chart theme modeled after FiveThirtyEight. Try it here.

# vega.themes.dark <>

A dark theme. Try it here.

# vega.themes.latimes <>

Chart theme modeled after the Los Angeles Times. Try it here.

# vega.themes.urbaninstitute <>

Chart theme modeled after the Urban Institute. Try it here.

# vega.themes.googlecharts <>

Chart theme modeled after Google Charts. Try it here.

# vega.themes.powerbi <>

Chart theme modeled after Power BI Desktop default theme. Try it here.

# vega.themes.carbonwhite <>

Chart theme modeled after IBM Carbon Charts - white theme. Try it here.

# vega.themes.carbong10 <>

Chart theme modeled after IBM Carbon Charts - grey 10 theme. This is the white theme with a slightly darker background. Try it here.

# vega.themes.carbong90 <>

Chart theme modeled after IBM Carbon Charts - grey 90 theme. Try it here.

# vega.themes.carbong100 <>

Chart theme modeled after IBM Carbon Charts - grey 100 theme. This is the grey 90 theme with a slightly darker background. Try it here.

Instructions for Developers

To view and test different themes, follow these steps:

  1. Install dependencies via yarn.
  2. Launch a local web server in the top-level directory with yarn start.
  3. Make changes. The website will automatically reload.


To make a release, run npm run release. To deploy the examples, run yarn deploy:gh.