@jheer jheer released this Oct 11, 2018

Assets 3


  • Add string split expression function.
  • Add View data update listeners. (vega/vega#1383)
  • Add tickFormat method to bin-ordinal scale. (vega/vega#1395)
  • Add separation flag for tree layout. (vega/vega#1399)
  • Add require parameter to LinkPath transform.
  • Add support for aggregate to sum strings as numbers.
  • Fix pickArea method to support arbitrary orders (vega/vega#1390).
  • Fix extent transform to return [undefined, undefined] for empty data. (vega/vega#1401)
  • Fix scaleFraction method to protect from infinite spans. (vega/vega#1401)
  • Fix aggregate measures to standardize outputs for invalid data. (vega/vega#1404)
  • Fix path scaling bug. (vega/vega#1408)
  • Fix width/height calc for empty legend. (vega/vega#1415)
  • Fix react flag for operator parameter initialization. (vega/vega#1428)
  • Fix bootstrapCI method with empty data check.
  • Allow signal-only transform parameters in schema.
  • Update selection methods for Vega-Lite.
  • Update test specifications.
  • Update dependencies.