Recommendation-Powered Visualization Tool for Data Exploration
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Voyager 2

Voyager 2 is a data exploration tool that blends manual and automated chart specification. Voyager 2 combines PoleStar, a traditional chart specification tool inspired by Tableau and Polaris (research project that led to the birth of Tableau), with two partial chart specification interfaces: (1) wildcards let users specify multiple charts in parallel,(2) related views suggest visualizations relevant to the currently specified chart. With Voyager 2, we aim to help analysts engage in both breadth-oriented exploration and depth-oriented question answering.

For more information about Voyager 2's design, please read our CHI paper and other related papers (1, 2, 3).

This repository now hosts the ongoing migration of Voyager 2 to a React/Redux application, which is not ready for usage yet.

To access former versions of Voyager, please access

  • for former Voyager 2 prototype built in AngularJS
  • vy1 branch of this repository for the original Voyager visualization recommendation browser.